The Secret Success Of Any Entrepreneur

How To Double Your Profits Using One Major Powerful Secret Big Brands like MTN use

This is one of the articles that open a any close mind of any entrepreneur to do what need do and is written by one of my business mentor by:   Nnamani Czar Anikulapo Nonso, Please enjoy….

….this secret is what I call: the power of using “celebrity-ness” to increase your profits.

Have you ever wondered why big brands pay celebrities HUGE sums of money just to be their brand ambassadors?

I will tell you why then I will also show you exactly how to copy the same thing this big brands are doing and use it to triple your own profits.

Come with me….

To make this really really clear, I’m going to tell you a story. Two stories.

Story number one; I have this friend on Facebook. She is pretty. But it’s no big deal, so I didn’t really pay attention.

Then one day she unloaded a picture of she and RMD….

The next day it was a picture with Ben Bruce.

…and Phyno

Then Olamide. In all the pictures she seemed really cozy with all of them.

That was when I really “noticed” her. The first thing that came to head was: “Is like this girl is a big girl”.

Now why did I think this way? Because she became associated with celebrities. My thoughts were fallacious but I still thought it.

We are wired to associate celebrities to “high status”, so when someone associates with such high status personalities we subconsciously transfer that high status to them.

Think about it.

Now notice what happened here with that girl…

First; I took NOTICE of her.

Then Secondly; I transferred the high status of those celebrities – vam – to her.

But why do big brands do it? They are already big. They don’t need to tap these celebrities’ status because they (the big brands) already have high status.

Well; the thing is they are looking for the second thing that happened to me when I saw that girl with a celebrity.

Which is; NOTICE.

When you see a billboard with Don Jazzy on it what do you see first? The writing on the board or Don jazzy? I can bet all of my fingers that you see Don Jazzy first then followed by the writings on the billboard.

They got your NOTICE, using Don Jazzy’s face.

That’s the game. However, they also still tap into those celebrities’ fan-base. There have been cases where people buy some wigs just because some celebrities wear them, Eg: Cynthia Morgan and Red wigs.

These things are deliberate.

So let’s talk about you. How can you use this principle in YOUR own business?

That is where the second story comes in.

Some years back I travelled all the way to Lagos just to take a picture with Akin Alabi. You see, in my line of business, Akin Alabi is more or less like a celebrity….

However, there was this particular successful guy in my line of business, back then, who I had been trying to be friends with but he wasn’t taking me seriously. We are tight friends now but back then he didn’t take that seriously.

So I came back, I put up the picture with Akin Alabi and I made sure he saw it….

He took notice. He started taking my calls and he replied back when I sent him a message.

I used Akin Alabi’s celebrity status to get noticed and to be seen as high status in my line of business. It was deliberate

Start taking pictures with the leaders in your field, frame them and hang those pictures on your office walls. If you are a make-up artist, imagine the swags you would steal if you take pictures with the CEO of the house of Tara…you will get the notice of your peers.

It doesn’t just stop there; I know a particular business consultant who charges high as hell. When you walk into his office the first thing you see is a wall lined up with pictures of him and celebrities…..celebrities he usually runs into at airports o. Lol.

When he is sure you’ve seen those pictures then you two will start talking business and he would tell you his price and when you look at the wall, you would think twice about haggling.

It’s just like shopping at shoprite; the only packaging around the place controls you into seeing the price as absolutely worth it. These things are deliberate – fear business strategists. Fear them.


Now go and find a way to use this in your business.